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Chocolate Desserts to Die For!
(Pelican Publishing, September 30, 2013, 224 pages, hardcover, 83 color photos)

Chocolate Desserts to Die For! Cookbook by Bev Shaffer
In this next installment of Bev Shaffer's To Die For! Series, home cooks will learn how to craft any chocolate delight. This tasted-and-tested collection spans the chocolate dessert spectrum, including everything from soufflés to brûlées, from fondues to tarts. The recipes incorporate dark, milk, and white chocolates and range from classic to more adventurous suggestions. In addition to providing recipes, Chef Shaffer suggests unique ways to pair chocolate with other flavors, create chocolate buffets, and give chocolate as gifts. A brief history of chocolate and baking tips are also included.

Much more than a cookbook, this volume will become an essential reference work for every chocoholic!


“Bev is the goddess of chocolate. You’ll love using this book. . .”
— Rocco Whalen, chef, owner of Fahrenheit and Rosie & Rocco’s

"With her signature sharp wit and good humor, Bev celebrates the joy and fun of all things chocolate in spectacular fashion with mouth-watering recipes and useful tools that inspire readers with the confidence to experiment with their own buffet of chocolate dreams. Whether you want to melt, bake, freeze, roll, shake, sift, sip or scarf down your fix, this book is a triumphant Chocoholic's Bible, and a delightful feast for the senses and soul." – Tess Masters, also known as the Blender Girl

"Chocolate: You've met your match. Bev Shaffer is back with her rapier wit and disarming personality, this time to take on the chocolate empire in this, the fourth cookbook in her To Die For! Series. Prepare yourself for a lush and decadent campaign through chocolate sushi, chocolate fudge milkshakes, chocolate caramel truffles and chocolate martinis. A dark and semisweet saga." – David Giffels, assistant professor of English at the University of Akron and author of All the Way Home: Building a Family in a Falling-Down House

"In my kitchen I know a cookbook is good based on the number of 'stained pages' it has within a year. All my cookbooks by Bev have stained pages. I know this one will, too. (I wonder if I could put the pages in hot water and make soup?)" – Robin Swoboda, WKYC news anchor

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CAKES to die for!
(Pelican, May 2010, 288 pages, hardcover, 75 color photos)

Editorial Review by Bakery Boy
Cake bakers have another reason to live, as if they need one more. Let’s face it: Cake bakers already have plenty of friends and admirers. Whether they’re making a single treat for the family table, dozens for a banquet hall, or truckloads for supermarkets, their sweet creations brighten celebrations  and make people happy. Now they also have Bev Shaffer’s inspiring and thorough ode to the genre, Cakes to Die For! (Pelican Publishing Company).

The Ohio-based chef, author, and culinary instructor is known for her long-running food column “Ask Bev” in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, her functional-fun column “Gadget Freak” in Northern Ohio Live Magazine, her radio spots broadcast on Akron’s WAKR, and her many appearances on Cleveland affiliates of major TV networks. She has developed more than 9,000 recipes and counting. In Cakes to Die For!, a 288-page hardback, she shares 175 of them, all for cakes.

It opens with the crowd-pleasing Moist Dark Chocolate Mocha Cake with Raspberry Filling, her “go-to” cake when she needs something “seductive,” she says. It ends with Bev’s Butterscotch Filling, about which she facetiously claims, “you could slather this between two pieces of cardboard and people would rave about it.” Between these appear scores of cheesecakes, cupcakes, “flipped over” cakes (her term for up-side-downs), “fancy-schmancy cakes” (which take more work but promise impressive results), and more. Photography by Bev’s husband, John Shaffer, show many of the cakes in mouthwatering detail.

TIPS GALORE Useful tips are sprinkled throughout. Some explain the finer points of techniques like “cutting in the butter” or “folding ingredients” together. Others cause that light-bulb-above-the-head reaction with their but-of-course common sense. I like how she places tips labeled “a slice of advice” in the margins close to where they’re most needed. For example, next to the recipe for Deep Dark Chocolate Soufflé Cake with Roasted Pear Cream she writes: “When you draw your clean finger across the back of a metal spoon dipped in the custard mixture, and it leaves a path, it is ready.” I can visualize that perfectly now.

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BROWNIES to die for!

(Pelican, 2006, 224 pages, hardcover, 44 color photos)

This classic baking volume covers all the brownie-loving bases...fudgy, frosted, with or without nuts, thick, thin, cakey...and oozing with the very best chocolate. A comprehensive volume of brownies, including: a history of brownies, baking basics, chocolate info, classic brownies (featuring new and old favorites), top 'em off, just a little fruity, chocolate and coffee, anyone?, shake 'em up (featuring brownies with chiles and more), white chocolate versions, brownie pairings, brownies as art (dipped, dunked and layered), frostings and glazes and so much more!

Featured in People magazine's "Mother's Day Gift Guide, "A bake sale's worth of gooey goodness." – People magazine

"This is a first rate book for those looking to elaborate on a popular favorite. The clear instructions and the easy-to-find (but high-quality) ingredients urge home cooks to break the mix cycle." – Chocolatier magazine

"Wow! Just reading about Bev Shaffer's collection of sensational brownies made me uncontrollably hungry and eager to dash into the kitchen and start baking." – Elaine Gonzalez, master chocolatier emeritus and author of The Art of Chocolate

"Bev's recipes are clear and concise with a remarkable range of variations. This book should come with a warning: don't drool on the pages!" – Russ Vernon, chairman, West Point Market, Akron, Ohio

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COOKIES to die for!
(Pelican, 2009, 288 pages, hardcover, 67 color photos)
Who doesn't love cookies? Sugar, butter, vanilla, maybe some chocolate and cinnamon, honey, butterscotch, mint, peanut butter, with almonds or topped with rich icing and sprinkles...with cookies, the possibilities are endless. Filled with award-winning chef Bev Shaffer's tried and tested sweet secrets, this cookie treasury is the ultimate guide for baking perfect cookies of all flavors, shapes and sizes.
With more than 190 indulgent buttery, chocolaty, sugary, sumptuous goodies (and over 60 mouth watering photos by food photographer John Shaffer), this straightforward and stylish cookbook has something to satisfy every sweet tooth.
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MUSTARD SEED MARKET & CAFE Natural Foods Cookbook

(Pelican, 2007, 336 pages, hardcover, 50 color photos)

This encouraging and easy-to-follow book includes 250 natural brunch, soup, salad, fish, meat, vegetable, bean, grain, pasta, drink and sweets recipes from Ohio's Pioneer Organic Retailer. Bev's writing and teaching style is apparent on every page with tips and information to make cooking easy and fun. A must for everyone that loves healthfully prepared food. Bev tested and compiled this cookbook to share Mustard Seed's motto of "our food is fresh, our customers are spoiled" with the rest of the nation!

Editorial Review from Publishers Weekly
"Few cookbooks can be all things to all people, but Shaffer (Brownies to Die For!) comes close in her latest. Shaffer, the director of the Mustard Seed Cooking School, offers 250 healthy recipes designed to satisfy carnivores and vegans alike without requiring too many hard-to-find ingredients. Shaffer has a dish for every occasion and season, with entire chapters devoted to grains, beans, salads and soups. Yes, there's the requisite granola recipes (Coconut-Almond among them) and a Brown Rice Crust Pizza, but Shaffer also included a to-die-for Creme Brulee French Toast as well as innovative takes on the familiar, such as Salmon with a Spiced Pinot Noir Sauce. Vegans and those monitoring their diet will appreciate indexes of gluten-free and vegan dishes, while omnivores will have a field day with recipes like Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto, Rib-Eye Roast with Espresso Crust and Maple Pecan Cheesecake. .... Most dishes ... manage to pack a lot of flavor without unnecessary steps and calories. A rich and varied compilation of recipes sure to become staples in many homes, Shaffer has managed to craft a Joy of Cooking for the Whole Foods generation."
Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Editorial Review from OHIOana Quarterly
"I have to admit I was surprised when I first saw Bev Shaffer's Mustard Seed Market's Natural Foods Cookbook. I had expected a standard, small press, local cookbook--small and lackluster. However, this hefty volume is none of those things. The book is beautiful, with lovely glossy photographs and hundreds of recipes. Locals know the Mustard Seed Market & Cafe in Akron [and Solon, Ohio] is the best place to find organic and natural foods, and Shaffer's cookbook only enhances that tradition. She uses classic ingredients and presents them in a new way, all the while encouraging the use of only the freshest natural elements. The result is a book full of recipes that are delicious and decidedly versatile.

The manner in which Shaffer presents the recipes guarantees success, even for the modest cook. Most recipes have a Chef's Notes section which summarizes a tip for the recipe, and even explains a few lesser known ingredients. The directions are succinct and direct, leaving little chance for user error.

I already have favorite recipes from this book. The Chicken with Sun Dried Tomato Sauce, with its simple yet rich sauce makes an elegant and easy meal that's bound to elicit rave reviews, and maybe even make you some friends....My book is riddled with notes marking even more recipes I can't wait to try.

This cookbook is a great way to start digging ourselves out of (a) food rut. It is the perfect addition to a busy lifestyle, and allows the flexibility modern families crave in the kitchen."
Reviewed by Laura Wackerly for OHIOana Quarterly

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(Wooster Book Company, 2003, 190 pages, softcover)

Grab this book and cook something!

Whether cooking is your passion or you're simply a beginner, Bev (and her co- author and husband, John) will enrich your relationship with food with this delicious cookbook. A collection of their favorite manageable recipes: 132 exciting creations from appetizers to sweet endings, peppered with humor between the pages!

Some of the "must trys" are: Drunken Shrimp with Salsa Dip; Chinese Pork Salad; Jambalaya Pasta with Cajun Creole Sauce; Salmon Oven Poached in Ohio Cider; Wine Country Beef Tenderloin; Mexican Corn Soup; and Walnut Shortbread Tart.

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